X ray tests

Plain X rays

Used to get an outline assessment of chest or abdominal anatomy especially in emergency cases.


Abdominal USS

Standard test to assess liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, aorta and female reproductive organs

Duplex USS

To assess flow in blood vessels eg in the legs or to the liver

Endorectal USS

Specialised test to assess the nature of rectal polyps or some cancers in detail prior to trans-anal endoscopic operating

Endoanal Ultrasound

Specialised test used in assessing whether the two anal sphincter muscles are intact or not (in patients affected by faecal incontinence)

CT scan

CT Chest, Abdomen & Thorax

Used to stage bowel cancer.

CT Colon

A more specialised CT scan used to provide a more detailed assessment of the large bowel especially in the more elderly patient or if there is a narrowing of the bowel that prevents complete colonoscopy.

CT Enterogram

CT used to investigate the small bowel for bleeding.

CT Angiogram

Used to assess where active bleeding into the gut is coming from.


Used to determine if a pulmonary embolus has developed.

MRI scan

MRI Pelvis

Used to stage rectal cancer, determine the anatomy of complex fistula in ano, determine obscure causes of pelvic pain.

MRI Liver

To fully assess liver abnormalities detected on CT scan.

MR Enterogram

For detailed assessment of small bowel problems.

MR Proctogram

A dynamic (ie study showing movement) assessment of how the pelvic organs function during defaecation.

Small Bowel Meal

A test using an X ray contrast dye to assess for obvious small bowel abnormalities eg strictures

Nuclear medicine

PET Scan

Used to investigate cases of possible or definite malignancy where CT scan or MRI scan are unable to provide a clear answer.


A test used to investigate diarrhoea (assessing whether bile salt absorption by the small bowel is normal).


A test used to assess gallbladder function when there is a suspicion that the gallbladder is diseased.

V/Q Scan

A test used to determine if a pulmonary embolus is present.

Bone Scan

A test used to clarify if skeletal abnormalities are present and if so what they are.

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